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The Arrow Self Managed Superannuation Service allows you to chose your own superannuation assets, including direct property. This service makes it easy to establish and administer your Self Managed Superannuation Fund with our assistance.

Arrow Financial Advice also provides advice covering all other types of superannuation funds, these include

  • Personal Superannuation
  • Employer Superannuation
  • Corporate Superannuation
  • Industry Superannuation

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Client Testimonials

  • “Would highly recommend to anyone needing help with their budget. I received clear advice that helped me make sense of my personal finances.”

    Vivian, Windsor

    Vivian Windsor
  • “With falling rates on Term Deposits our income was being squeezed. Our adviser showed us that we could invest directly in to the Bond market to generate a better return at an acceptable level of risk.”

    Simon and Julie, Parramatta

    Simon and Julie Parramatta
  • “We had numerous superannuation accounts with different personal insurances. An Arrow adviser helped us consolidate these accounts that provided cheaper insurance premiums with additional cover. We are not only saving on costs but are getting extra benefits.”

    Peter and Jane, Sydney

    Peter and Jane Sydney
  • “We would highly recommend Arrow Financial Advice to anyone needing help with their budget. We received clear advice that helped us make sense of our personal finances.”

    Mark and Susan, Penrith

    Mark and Susan Penrith
  • “I had no idea what a self-managed super fund even was, but my financial advisor made it so much clearer by helping me understand the associated benefits and responsibilities.”

    Trevor, Liverpool

    Trevor Liverpool
  • “An Arrow Financial Planner arranged my Tax Return with no fuss. All I had to do was fill out a form and they took care of all the paperwork in no time.”

    Susan, Parramatta

    Susan Parramatta